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About This Course

Kite MOOC is designed to be aligned with the deployment of Kite Step 2 with presentations of Drive, Google +, and Groups to help you better understand these applications.

In this MOOC, there will be three chapters, one dedicated to each of the previously mentioned applications. Each chapter contains videos, quiz, resources and a discussion via posting and live webinar to answer any questions/suggestions you would like to share.

Instructional Videos:

There are 4 to 5 short instructional videos for each topic. Each week, you are encouraged to watch the videos, and post any questions or comments to the discussion forum

Self Assessment Quizzes:

Each Google application has a corresponding quiz. You can take this quiz as many times as you like, your highest score will be recorded. You are encouraged to experiment in your own google applications to help you find the correct answers, but please note that if you leave the quiz page without finishing, the quiz will restart when you return. Feel free to take these quizzes before or after watching the corresponding videos.

Discussion Forum:

Using the Discussion forum in the tab above, you will be able to post questions and receive answers from the instructor or other classmates according to the topic. You will also be able to read questions or discussions posted by others.

We are also able to add webinar discussions according to the desires of the class.

Additional Resources:

Each section of this MOOC contains a list of additional learning resources specific to the Kite application. Some resources pertaining to all of Kite are listed below.

Kite corner

Kite Champions G+ community

Google apps suite (guide here) Currently not working

G Suite Training

Kite newsletter

Once you feel ready, take your Digital Passport! (access through icon on LMS home page)


Before participating to this course, please make sure you completed the 3 Kite E-learnings (Introduction to Kite, Information protection and Information protection Refresher)

Course Staff

Marie-France Bove

Emily Gibara

We are available to answer questions through the discussion forum or through hangout sessions throughout the course

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can follow this MOOC?

Anyone at Air Liquide willing to learn and go further with Kite Step 2 applications may participate in this MOOC. The pilot version is currently only available in English; however, other languages may be available depending on the success of the pilot.

Where can I find the dates of further sessions?

All important dates and announcements regarding this MOOC can be found on the Air Liquide University G+ community.

Am I obliged to follow the contents in this Kite Mooc in a precise order?

No, the contents are opened. You may follow any of the contents depending on your needs and priorities.

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    Jan 30, 2017